Finding Fashion Brand As Your Niche

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Do you want to start your fashion business?

Do you want to be known for something specific or unique?

Do you have an idea, but don’t know how to start?

So, this post is for you.

In this post we will know how to find your fashion niche.

Let’s first understand what is Fashion?

Fashion may be a way of introducing yourself to the entire world about your personality just by the sort of clothes you wear.

Fashion is an individual statement of self expression. Of course, the meaning behind fashion is not an easy question to answer. What fashion means to one person will be completely different than the next.

The fashion industry is a 3 Trillion Dollar industry. Which means there are massive opportunities for both existing brands as well as for newcomers.

Fashion design is an artistic process of developing a creative idea to a clothing both aesthetically and functionally. Every brand has an origin story. One can successfully establish their fashion business, all we have to do is to move step by step.

Let’s know all of them one by one:


Firstly, we have to understand who are our target customers/audience, means deciding whether that product belongs to male, female or kids. If this is done this will be your Niche. Then comes your sub-niche which is equally important. Let’s understand with an example:

If you choose to design for female, that is your niche, but further you have to decide in which segment you want to proceeded it could be party gown, casual wear, night wear etc. this will be your sub niche.

Price Calculation

Evaluating all your expenses you have to decide the price of our product. For this you should have good knowledge of market, competitors and latest trends. After evaluating all this, you need to analyses that whether all these calculations are good to go with your budget or not.

A person’s wardrobe is a reflection of his or her personality. So, you must have variety of colors and design in your collection.


Then comes the step to identify your sources for fabric and other designer material which plays an important role in your fashion business.

Recruiting Skilled Team

 Recruiting skilled workers like Taylors, cutters, sketchers, drapers, and finishers would be an important and crucial step which will decide the direction of your fashion brand.  schedules report and finishers would be Very important and crucial step which will decide the direction of your fashion brand.

Digital Marketing

 After finalizing all these parameter the next move would be how to reach your target audience, means with which type of marketing technique you would go, Traditional marketing which includes newspaper ads, FM adds, TV adds etc. and is very expensive .On the other hand second option is Digital Marketing with which you can attain good returns even with small budget. But for this you should have good knowledge of Digital Marketing. If in case you are not aware of this, digital marketing companies can be hired for promoting our brand on different social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

SEO can be done for your website, google adds can be run, blogs can be written to attract traffic along with email marketing combination of all these strategies together will work as an integrated machine to generate high traffic to your website.


If all the above steps are done successfully then you are good to go to start your fashion business with your attractive and competitive collection on your website. You can easily convert the traffic on your website into sales gradually.  

Watch this short video to learn how to start your  fashion business .