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“Digital marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell”

  You must be thinking what am I talking about?

  Guys this is my II week with Digital Deepak and I have learned a lot in last few days. I thought that I should share it with you also trust me, it is worth reading till the end.

Tell me have you ever thought

  • To create your personal brand?
  • To start a business?  Will it work?
  • How much can you earn?

How to learn marketing?

 If these are the questions in your mind, then I have something for you. No worry even if you do not have your own product nor you are running a business still, I would request you to read it once. This information will definitely help you in some way or the other.

Ok Answer one more question

*Have you ever thought of earning 1crore or 2crore in less time?

Seems challenging Right. Yes, challenging but with that interesting too.

Have a look at this table it will help you

If your product price cost Rs.100 you need to sell it to 1,00,000 customers to make Rs.1crore

And If the product price is Rs.1000 you need to sell it to 10,000 customers to make Rs.1crore and so on.

You just have to consider your product price and set the number of target customer.

See it is as simple as that.

But to reach this level, we need to go deep in marketing.

Marketing is not that easy and not a big deal too. If someone makes you understand what marketing really is?

So here I am to make it clearer and simpler for you.

Meanwhile we will also talk about: –

Fundamentals of Marketing

Niche Selection

Digital marketing v/s Traditional marketing

CATT Marketing Funnel

Integrated Digital Marketing

Personal Branding



I know, many of you must be wondering that how can I jump onto marketing direct. Without talking about the product, without talking about sales …how can marketing comes first?

Marketing is understanding your customers requirement and serving them with your best services.

 Yes, Marketing starts even before creating a product means first you have to find

  • Who your customers are?
  • What are their requirements?
  • Does your product / service going to serve their purpose?

  If you have done your research part with 100% efficacy then no doubt that the product with which you have come up is going to fit well with your customer requirement and is going to be a great success.          

Marketing is based on science but many of us believe that it is all about creativity. Which is wrong even I was not aware of this fact but Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju helped me out.

Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju is India’s Top Digital Marketer who is popularly known as Digital Deepak .   

Marketing is sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

But one thing to keep in mind that communication and trust plays an important role. People don’t trust others easily.

So as marketer it should be your responsibility to connect and communicate with your customer, make them comfortable and build trust so that your customers remain happy and encouraged to make further purchase.

Now when you came to know about marketing let’s find out your best niche with which you are going to excel.

How to Select Niche?

To select your niche, you need to know 3 things: –

Do you have talent or skill?

^ Are you passionate about your talent / skill?

^ Is there a market for it?

Combination of these three will help you to select the best niche for yourself.

Picture below will make you understand better.

Now comes another element of marketing

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is not only one of the oldest forms of marketing but it is opted to sell generic product to large number of audiences. It can be done through T.V Ads, radio, newspaper, magazine. But at the same time there will be no personal interaction with the audience to whom you are selling the product.

Let’s understand with an example

For instance, if you want to sell soap or toothpaste your target is large no. of audience. So, it is good to go with traditional marketing. But you cannot personally interact with customers.

On the other handDigital marketing is more direct way to connect with target audience globally. It can be done by, paid social media adds, email marketing etc. This leads you to have full control over your audience growth. You can also personalized communication to make it more effective. Let’s have an example

If you want to sell an educational plan, rather than selling it to everyone those who do not even need it, go with digital marketing, select your target audience and through personalized communication you can directly connect with them.

Both plays their important role in marketing strategy. It is difficult to say which is better. But one should choose by analyzing the products and audience you are going to serve. But one thing is very much clear that digital marketing is very much cheaper than traditional marketing due to which you can start even with a small budget.

So, let’s continue with another important element of digital marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Marketing Funnel is related to wealth.


Niche – Once you are clear with your niche, you can serve better to the segment of people who all are interested in your product/service.

Content – Create your content in such a way that it can easily drag the attention of your audience. It should be so impactful, relevant and convincing that the customers can visualize and feel your product. Blogs, webinars, videos are some efficient ways to make your content viral and to attract more and more audience.

Attention – After writing relevant content, it’s time to drag attention of your audience by using SEO, Social media paid adds, Email marketing.

Trust: Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Without building trusts you would not be able to connect and convince your customer for your product /services.

Transaction – Once you have gained the trust, convert your leads into customer with natural sales method and generate money.

This will explain better.



CATT Funnel helps us to understand What to do? And now let’s understand what helps in execution?

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is a strategy that blends all your marketing tactics in such a way that each tool compliments the other. Creating a consistent image of your brand on the mind of your customer.

If you are not handling the Digital Marketing with the right integrated approach, you are leaving conversions, connections and revenue on the table.

In such type of marketing we incorporate different marketing techniques such as SEO, Social media, Email marketing & Paid advertising in such a way that all these works together as a unified force.

This will make you more clear.

What happens If you present as a brand?

Personal Branding

Being good in something is good, but not sufficient. Making people aware of the same is equally important.

With this your journey of Personal Branding starts.

Personal Branding is presenting yourself as a brand. It will help you to connect with the audience in more effective and sustainable way. Once you establish yourself as a brand in an impactful way then you have to put less effort with your future ventures.

This whole process will help you to build trust with lots of people and we call it as Mass Trust.

Here I am sharing the Mass Trust Blueprint to make you understand in better way

Learn: –Learning new skill in your niche and knowing about the requirements of people.

Work: – Implementing the skill practically which you have come up with.

Blog: – Write about your learning and experiences in the form of blog so that people come to know about you. It also helps in building Personal Brand.

Consult: – Personally consult the people, communicate with them, know about their requirements. This will also build trust between you and the customer.

Mentor: – Start mentoring people about your subject, mentoring helps you in understanding your subject in a more effective way.  If you want to make someone understand then your own concept about that topic or subject must be crystal clear. It forces you to go deep and deep in your subject. It is the best way to get expertise in any subject.

Start up: – When you have done a complete homework about the market, about the problem, and your skill then you can start with a startup.



To conclude with I just want to say that Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and anyone who wants to succeed and wants to attract customers exponentially he or she must have a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing.

I have shared what all I have learned about marketing from my mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju.

And now you know many things about marketing.

But trust me there is lot more to learn, all you need is a good mentor.

Today Digital Marketing is the  need of an hour and when it comes to choose a good mentor, no one can be better than Deepak Sir. And if you want to learn more about Digital Marketing trust me guys this is the best opportunity for you to enrolled with Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Here is his link :

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I hope this article of mine must have leave an impact on your mind and added some value to your life.

I want to thank all of you for sparing your precious time and reading this article till the end.

Looking forward to your valuable comments and feedback.

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